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The new development concerning management communication - Essay Example

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The term communication in all its forms is the most imperative module of leadership. A business belonging to any field; its success is dependant on high-quality communication management. This research is based on an analysis of case studies from various organizations, surverys conducted online & lectures from experts…
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The new development concerning management communication
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Extract of sample "The new development concerning management communication"

Download file to see previous pages "The meaning of my communication is the response I get." (Communication Skills - Solutions 4 Training) this quote illustrates the success of a properly managed communication process. The response generated as a result of a statement shows how good an individual in getting his point across; required diligently in the fields of marketing, advertising & successful running any type of industry. Developing sound communication skills is not a difficult task. Practice, knowledge & confidence are the key factors in this aspect. Globalization has transformed & diversified the industries around the globe making it compulsory to interact with multicultural citizens. Every company is performing multiple roles of communicator & the promoter at the same time, raising questions about * what *how & *whom to say. Organizations talk about their need for better communication skills but are unsure of how to solve the issue. Organizing interactive workshops & seminars to highlight & practice the art of communication is required extensively nowadays.
Whether understanding & dealing with the employees of a company, targeting an audience, projecting a concept through media; all these acts are acquired via communication. The modern times require interaction with people around the world, without the barriers of time & space. The advance technology has made it possible to communicate with individuals thousands of miles away. All this technology & modernism has changed the way of interaction. According to Philip Kotler in his book Marketing Management (564), currently there are a number of communication platforms:
ADVERTISING: it is a paid promotion of ideas, goods or services, for example print & broadcast advertising, motion pictures, brochures, billboards, posters, display signs etc.
SALES PROMOTION: a selection of short term enticement to endorse product sales. For example exhibitions, coupons, tradeshows, contests, complimentary gifts etc.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: a variety of programs intended to promote a product or company's image. For example speeches, seminars, charity donations, sponsored events, company magazines etc.
PERSONAL SELLING: confronted interaction through presentations & question answer sessions with one or more potential clients. For example sales meetings, samples, fairs, tradeshows etc.
DIRECT MARKETING: communicate directly with customers through a dialog. For example mails, TV shopping, catalogs, telemarketing etc.
In normal life & principally in business & industries a special communication process is followed to ensure the effective transfer of messages. The communication process is takes place between a sender & a receiver through two communication implements, message & media. In between them, are the communication tools encoding, decoding of the message sent; feedback & response from the sender after interpreting the idea. A factor present in between is noise; it is the misrepresentation of the message being sent when it's not conveyed effectively.
(Philip Kotler- Marketing Management- eleventh edition, chapter 19:565)
A successful management depends on how well the organizations comprehend this process & expends it in the organization & business perspectives.
Dorothy Carnegie described this phenomenon in a very effective manner by saying, "Business, social, & personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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