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The discussion group was comprised of five students, two male and three female. It was a spectacular experience and a good learning experience. The discussion group was very objective; we had a…
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Personal experience in an organization
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A group discussion at school provided an ideal supportive communication climate. The discussion group was comprised of five students, two male and three female. It was a spectacular experience and a good learning experience. The discussion group was very objective; we had a group assignment given by the instructor that we needed to do. Since time was elapsing, a focus on the problem under study dominated the discussion. Every student was given time to express his or her views as the rest listened. In addition, the discussion focused mainly on descriptions of the assignment in question. Therefore, the argument that the discussion fostered a supportive communication environment is valid.
Active listening and collective participation characterized the group discussion. Each of the group members had ample time to air their views while others listened. There were no interruptions when a group member was giving their points. However, after the points, we could interrogate the points as a group. Most of the points raised by the individual members were found to be valid. Only in two occasions where we had to amend the answers given. In this scenario, the members that raised the points were quite confident and seemed to be grateful since they perceived that their points were listened to before being amended. Next, we will look at the problem-oriented nature of the discussion.
The objective of the group discussion was clearly cut out. Each of the members knew the problem under investigation in advance. This created an opportunity for the group members to do an independent research and then approach the research from a point of knowledge. It was clear that each of the group members had an understanding on the topic of discussion. This helped create an environment where everyone was an active participant. In addition, each of the members, including those that are a bit conserved were given adequate time to talk. In so doing, the members became free with each other and were able to express their points without any tension. Most of the discussion involved descriptions as opposed to evaluations. The essence of the discussion was to provide a common understanding of the various questions as provided by the instructor. To culminate this argument, let us look at the specificity of the communication.
The fact that the group discussion handled a specific issue created a supportive communication environment. The goal of the group was to ensure that the assignment was done well. This specific drive made us to contribute without incorporating personal issues into the discussion. In addition, the question was clearly stated; therefore, no global issues that could bring ambiguity to the discussion. The specificity of the discussion was also facilitated by the amount of time that was available for the discussion. The discussion group met hours before the submission of the assignment, therefore, everyone was serious and focused. Since each one of us had done some preliminary research, it was very to go through the questions easily.
In conclusion, I would categorically argue that the group discussion provided an ideal supportive communication environment. It is therefore recommended that for a supportive climate to be fostered when communicating, the individuals in the discussion should be specific, should be supportive listeners, and problem-oriented. In addition, the group should endeavor to be descriptive as opposed to being evaluative. Read More
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Personal Experience in an Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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