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In what ways can the Internet contribute to public service broadcasting Discuss and provide examples from the readings - Essay Example

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The establishment of the Internet has been very helpful for the communication and the broadcast industry, particularly. The…
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In what ways can the Internet contribute to public service broadcasting Discuss and provide examples from the readings
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Extract of sample "In what ways can the Internet contribute to public service broadcasting Discuss and provide examples from the readings"

Download file to see previous pages Various scholars and researchers have argued that the Internet has been found both helpful and harmful for the public service broadcast industry. The purpose of this paper is to identify the ways and techniques through which the Internet can contribute in improving the public service broadcasting in Britain. The paper will cite examples from scholarly journal articles in order to support the arguments.
Internet has influenced the media of almost the entire world. The contemporary media can be termed as Digital Media due to its heavy reliance on the Internet. Like many other countries of the world, the Media Ecosystem in Britain is also under influence of the Internet as surveys reveal that more and more users are accessing the Internet in the UK these days. This has certainly brought a transformation in the traditional public service broadcast techniques by presenting new and advanced methods of productions and broadcasts (Collins, 2011).
Internet can help facilitate the public service broadcasting in a variety of ways. To list, there are plenty of techniques that can be adopted and have already been utilized in the UK in order to improve the public service broadcasting sector. It has been noticed that previously there were numerous issues associated with public service broadcasting. Therefore, in order to analyze the changing situations of the broadcast media in Europe, numerous researchers conducted various studies on the subject in order to find accurate results. Harrison & Wessels (2005) stated that the transitions in the contemporary public service broadcast because of the internet is a positive indicator and has increased scrutiny. The authors have tried to explore the pattern of the new media technique with the audience in Europe. It should be noted that the Internet has actively enabled millions of users in public service broadcast as all of them share their views and interact over the medium effectively.
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