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Effective Interpersonal Relationships - Essay Example

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Moreover, the change that they desire can be accomplished by changing the ways they communicate with themselves and with other people. The dynamic…
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Effective Interpersonal Relationships
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Extract of sample "Effective Interpersonal Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages The change should transform organizations since old mental states that are immune to change would be discarded.However, anyone reading this book would benefit from the concepts presented by the authors such the four internal languages people often use that keeps them from achieving change. The authors provided a clear illustration of the steps needed so the reader can devise his own ways of making change. Change is presented as a process that can be adapted by anyone who is willing to change his attitude from within.
Aside from this, the authors also presented three social languages that prevents groups or communities in making progress since the said social languages ( i.e. Language of Rules and Policies) helps them maintain a status quo. However, the main focus of the first few chapters were aimed towards the individual. But before the step-by-step process was explained, the authors emphasized the idea that most individuals are stuck not because they are helpless but because they are not aware of competing commitments that hinder their growth. These hindrances can be seen in the form of blame or complaints that individuals make in their daily lives. But only after realizing that there is a value behind a complaint, then that is the time people realign their perspective.
According to the authors, it is necessary for an individual to recognize competing commitments that hold him back from becoming a better person. It is imperative that an individual assess the commitments he has and evaluate the more important ones that matter to his life. A person may need commitment to an exercise program since his health is deteriorating due to smoking: yet, his commitment to nightly socialization in the belief that this relieves his work stress stops him from developing a worthier commitment. Another enlightening fact is recognizing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective Interpersonal Relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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