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English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses - Assignment Example

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This paper "English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses" focuses on the fact that communication is a component in the life of a human being. Communication is a wide area that requires a detailed understanding of grammar and other features that support effective communication. …
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English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses
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Extract of sample "English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses"

Download file to see previous pages The third section begins by laying out the reasons for the choice of approaches and looks at how it is suitable for the learners' needs. The last section analyses the key stages of the lesson plan. The knowledge gained is not restricted to educational or professional purposes. Rather, this is a course that comes out as relevant in everyday life considering it facilitates one understand themselves, their problems, emotions and feelings as well as those of others thus making it easier to deal with other people. Grammar learning involves various inductive and deductive activities that help in meeting the learners’ needs. Interaction and communication in learning are important to help in preparing the learners to the external world and in their daily engagements. Understanding tenses used in grammar is important for learners’ communication. This teaching plan will identify various forms and meanings to be taught and rationale in order to understand the linguistics challenges experienced by English student

This lesson aims to present the passive voice in present and past simple tenses and seeks to three specific learning outcomes. At the end of the lesson the students will be able to structure both present and past simple passives in affirmative, negative, and question forms; use the present simple passive to describe processes; use past simple passive to talk and write about past inventions, research and news reports (Harmer, 2007). The lesson is aimed at a group of Libyan female learners who are at the intermediate level of the English language; whose ages are between 16 to 19 years old. They are studying at the second stage of secondary school and their specialization is biology, English is taught as a main mandatory subject of the syllabus. They have been studying English for ten years ago. Their journey of English language studying has started when they were in the fourth grade of primary school.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses Assignment, n.d.)
English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses Assignment.
(English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses Assignment)
English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses Assignment.
“English Grammar - Passive Voice in Present and Past Simple Tenses Assignment”.
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