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What are the advantages and potential risks of PR based on Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example

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Every Organization, especially for profit concerns, all around the world have its sole motive and aim towards the earning of more and more profits and not only that but they also tries to put their maximum efforts and endeavors in order to increase those profits figures on each…
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What are the advantages and potential risks of PR based on Corporate Social Responsibility
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Download file to see previous pages There comes the term Public Relations, which is highly connected and linked with wide organizational structural framework in modern times. Whatsoever, an organization is practicing in any of the industry of the world, e.g. textile, cement, FMCG, chemical manufacturing, Information Technology, Construction and etc, it do need to maintain its strong reputation and standing among the various media personal, society at large, government bodies and other components of public relations. Because the maintenance of such smooth and swift relationships with the public at large, benefits the organization and its management in the long run and in carrying out its operational and functional procedures in a dynamic, effective and efficient manner.
Public relations is a deliberate, planned and sustained endeavors on part of the organization to establish and maintain the aspects of mutual relationship and understanding between the Company (or individual) and the public and thus, this act of Company is considered as the dynamic key to its effective communication in all the major sectors of business, market, government, academic, CSR and not-for-profit (
Public relations can be defined as the practice of monitoring and managing the flow of information or data between individuals of Company or an organization itself and the public and its various authorities. Broadly speaking, Public relations can include an organization or any individual attaining exposures and making interactions to their audiences of different classes, using specifically the subjects of public interest and certain news information which do not demand any direct consideration or payment.
Thus, the one of the major objectives which the Company aims to meet as a result of its association with public and maintaining its good relationships and connections with it, is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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