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Blood doniation - Essay Example

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Specific Purpose: This day is dedicated to the selfless voluntary unpaid blood donors. These are our unsung heroes who save lives of millions of people all over the world. Blood is the best gift any person can give to another .Nobody can function without blood and nobody…
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Blood doniation
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Download file to see previous pages Blood donation is one of the noblest acts any person could do for another.
A. Blood Donation: It is believed by the World Health Organization that safe access to blood is a basic human right. This is something that is yet to be achieved in developing countries. There has been a great concern about blood access from paid donors being very risky. This is why today we gather here to advocate for free unpaid blood donation. Blood donation is very crucial and especially the safe donation. Statistics show that out of eighty million blood donors, only a third is form developing countries.
C. It is the aim of WHO to triple the number of blood donors who are unpaid. This is because it is both safe and cheap. There are procedures that are undertaken when voluntary blood donations are being taken. Blood testing is compulsory to ensure only safe blood is given to patients. There are many diseases that could be passed through blood donatio0n like HIV/AIDS.
There is an unceasing scarcity of blood all through the year in several parts of the country. However, in toting up, heightened scarcity occurs during summer months and the holiday period. The rate at which blood is donated blood donation drops significantly. A number of patients are perishing because of a lack of blood for transfusion. The good news is that there are millions of people who are saved from blood donations each day most of which are women and children from poor and rural countries (Brown et al 29).
The process of blood donation is very simple. A volunteer must be over the age of sixteen to donate blood. He or she must also be over a hundred and fifty pounds and must be physically fit. A patient simply lies on their back and blood is removed from the upper hand and pumped into a plastic bag which is sterilized. This blood is then taken to the laboratory for testing of any pathogens. It is then stored in the blood ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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