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The new direction of ‘teachlology’ via technology offers a fascinating site for the availability of a variety of learning resources, such as lesson plans and worksheets. Besides, it contains some unique features of recent wizards that assist in the learning process. This…
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Impacts of Gaming and Simulations Impacts of Gaming and Simulation in Learning The new direction of ‘teachlology’ via technology offers a fascinating site for the availability of a variety of learning resources, such as lesson plans and worksheets. Besides, it contains some unique features of recent wizards that assist in the learning process. This paper looks into the impact of games and simulations in helping learners and trainers in the learning process.
Games and simulations have entirely changed the face of entertainment in the contemporary technologies. Appropriate simulations and gaming incidences take advantage of social collaborative characteristics that transforms today’s video games to a terrific and fast upcoming entertainment medium. According to Gee (2003) games and simulations serves as tools for learning outside and within academia. By using games and simulations, students can nurture their project assignments to issues and topics related to their courses. In addition, most learners and trainers are able to comprehend how games and simulations are viewed by different people; hence, they will have the ability to attain huge impact of game use in the real world.
Role play and simulations are types of experimental teaching (Russell &Shepherd, 2010). Different roles are assumed by different learners to depict certain personality or character. Second life is considered to be the internet by many. Avatars are allowed to construct structures to represent the real life. The unique feature about second life simulations for realistic role plays is that viewers can listen to live concerts or watch a live stage performance. This enables learners to explore different characters represented by different roles, hence, creates an all-round and active student learning process. Second life ensures students participate entirely in self and ‘other’ assessment to achieve a manageable formative response.
USNW, Australia (2013). Assessing with Role play and Simulation: Teaching. Retrieved on 15 April 2014 from Read More
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