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In what ways do language and the use of language influence news Use an example of a contemporary controversial topic to illustrate your argument - Essay Example

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News is therefore s systematically structured report that seeks to communicate specific features of an event to a particular public. The definition of news thus makes the…
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In what ways do language and the use of language influence news Use an example of a contemporary controversial topic to illustrate your argument
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Extract of sample "In what ways do language and the use of language influence news Use an example of a contemporary controversial topic to illustrate your argument"

Download file to see previous pages This implies that the language employed by the journalists must enhance the understanding of the news.
Among the basic objectives of journalists is to inform the public. The communication technique journalists adopt in this context is direct and simple as they use direct quotes and simple grammatical structures. Journalists deliberately minimize the use of jargons in a bid to enhance the public’s understanding of the news. As explained, language helps define the target audience, the level of technicality in language siphons particular individuals from the public who comprehend the type of language used by a media. This helps siphon the public thereby influencing the audience for each media. Different newspapers have audiences most of who identify with the type of language that the media uses in preparing its news.
The combination of words that journalists use in presenting their news influences the consumption of the news contents by the audience. Among the key journalistic principles is objectivity a feature that commands that journalists provide a factual presentation of the events they cover. The selection and combination of words influences the level of objectivity in news presentation a feature that dictates that journalists consider various factors before using a word. Some words are sensational thereby portraying the either the journalist or particular media institutions as biased. Journalists strive to minimize sensationalism in news coverage as they strive to remain both objective and detailed as they present their news articles. Journalists must desist from taking sides while covering events. Language can easily portray one as biased despite the absence of such motives especially when covering such vital topics as terrorism.
Currently, the missing Malaysian plane is a major international news with different groups of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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