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English as a global language - Essay Example

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As the world is reduced into a global village, an increase in demand of a mode of communication is well understood and has the capacity to reach the end of the world. his need is cultivated by economic and political structures that require common language to propagate ideas and development…
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English as a global language
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Download file to see previous pages English is often regarded as a global language following the colonial era that saw British explorers establish dominion over early civilization to instill their cultural practices including language. Analysts explore English as a global language to provide different opinions on its future based on demographics and existing trends. Why a global language English as a global language has been depicted in most newspapers and magazines following the rich history of the world that dates back to the colonial period. Such statements were prominently displayed following the retreat of the British Empire in Asia where English would gain millage across the globe; as a result, English is seen as symbol for cultural diversity, identity, and globalization. Print and broadcast media seeking to establish the extent of English proliferation attract a worldwide audience as many gain interest to the phenomenon; consequently, such institutions have seen significant growth in terms of popularity over the years. The proliferation is evidenced by the use of English in advertisements and restaurant menus in foreign cities regardless of their native language. Most people casually acknowledge English as a global language owing to its use by influential politicians across the world. Furthermore, news in the English language demand audience in many countries as it is seen to bear a global appeal. However, this does not mean that everyone in the world is well acquainted with English since most countries their native dialects as the official language. This creates mixed feelings among individuals who have English as their mother tongue and those who are not native speakers (Crystal 2). Native speakers bear pride at the success story that is their language, but are highly sensitive when others fail to command effective use. In contrast, non-native speakers appear highly motivated to master the language, which they perceive as a milestone and are proud of the achievement. However, most feel disadvantaged over the native speakers, as they have participated in making English a success over their native language. As such, anger, envy, and resentment are a common feature among English learners. A global language is described as one that establishes a unique and recognized role in participating countries. English surpasses these expectations, as a large number of people are fluent in the common dialect as opposed to other languages. In order to achieve a global status, a language must be the official language in a country and adopted a vast majority. In addition, the language can be prioritized in teaching institutions. There are various reasons behind the preference of a foreign language for global communication such as political expediency, historical tradition, cultural, and commercial interactions (Crystal 5). What global language English as a language has managed to claim, in a way, a global status where the media applies the language regardless of the geographical location of their audience. The language is widely accepted to the extent that the Pope addressed the masses in English during his visit to the Middle East. This acceptance is significant among foreign groups who carry out their dealings with English as their official language. Such is evidenced by in the ASEAN, which is an Asian trade group as well as the de facto adoption of English by German research scientists (Wallraff 1). However, in spite of the enormous acceptance, English comes second after Chinese as the most spoken language in the world. In the United States, the Bureau of Census indicates that the number of people who speak a different language other than English has increased. For instance, California has a great number of Spanish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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