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Carroll is a true leader and this can be seen by the way he is able to earn trust amongst his players as well as other people in the society. He gives…
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Carrolls Self and Trust
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Pete Carroll Pete Carroll Peter Clay often referred to as ‘Pete’ Carroll is the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks in the National Football league. Carroll is a true leader and this can be seen by the way he is able to earn trust amongst his players as well as other people in the society. He gives them a listening ear and shows them they are better than they think. For example, to the USC players, he earned their trust by treating each of them as an individual. This is important as it ensures and shows the other party, that one has his or her full attention and that one has opened their space. Pete does this perfectly as he treats each and every one individually and this helps in the management of trust.
Pete Carroll is also a master when it comes to the management of attention. This can be seen when he is talking to the gang members. He gives each of them attention and accords them an eye contact that shows that he is following what they are saying. This is important as it showed the persons that he was listening to them and for this reason they were able to open up more.
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