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She has gone through most of the reassignment surgery and like many transgendered individuals; her last surgery will be to remove her penis. Beverly comes to counseling because she is happy about this final move…
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Wk 10 (67)
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"Wk 10 (67)"

Download file to see previous pages Beverly is upset because her surgery is next week and although she will not stop it, she is not sure how to talk to Sally about this final situation.
From the conversation it seems that Beverly is asking the counselor to help her help Sally. The first strategy may be to explore the idea that Sally is grieving the loss of someone she dearly loves. This final step is the last identification that Sally has with Beverly as a man. This is now going to go away and Sally is probably going through the various phases of grief; this would be something to explore. According to Carroll and Gilroy (2002) counselors must first understand this issue and move part their own transphobia (p. 235). Certainly a man who is turning into a woman who legally married a woman can be cause for concern for the counselor, so they would need to deal with their own problems with the situation before counseling Beverly. Carroll and Gilroy also suggest getting more information through novels, films, biographies and periodicals (p. 235). In terms of counseling a client centered approach seems to be best because many transgendered people have challenges with trust in someone who is not transgendered because of ill treatment in the past (p. 238).
Carroll, Gilroy and Ryan (2002) suggest that counselors should also have a growing knowledge of terminology that is evolving in the transgendered community along with "local, regional and national support networks (p. 134). This information can assist the client and give more information.
Mark is a 35 year old male of mixed heritage. His father was black and American Indian and his mother identifies as "white" because her parents were Jamaican and Scotch Irish. Mark grew up in a home where he had no real understanding of any heritage because his family did not identify with any one group. As Mark grew older and left the family he has tried to interact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wk 10 (67) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Wk 10 (67) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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