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Examples of significant sportsmen accused for doping include Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong. With increased cases of doping and use of steroids arguments have…
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Why athletes should use steroids
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Why athletes should use steroids affiliation Why athletes should use steroids The modern sporting scene has been dominated by athletes using unauthorized substances for stimulating their muscles. Examples of significant sportsmen accused for doping include Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong. With increased cases of doping and use of steroids arguments have been raised on the suitability of doping in athletes.
Smith (2012) points out that by allowing doping all athletes would be on the same level in terms of superiority. Honest athletes are forced to compete with athletes with steroids induced in them. This is not fair sportsmanship. Allowing certain extent of the use of steroids, all athletes would be able to be boosted in their sporting abilities hence increasing fairness. Regardless of the assumption that steroids may have negative effects on an athlete, making it possible to be accused may provide a fair opportunity for success.
Legalizing the use of steroid sin athletes will also minimize the risks athletes take when accessing drugs illegally. Athletes are occasionally approached with dealers with counterfeit steroids which may have serious consequences on the health of an athlete. Makin it legal will make athletes be exposed to legal and medically approved.
In addition, Smith (2012) points out that, sporting activities are aimed at displaying the real abilities of humans. By using steroids the abilities of an athlete are illuminated. By allowing athletes to use steroids, effective steroids fitting athlete abilities would be created thus making steroids part of an athlete’s perfection. To prove this point, athletes like Lance Armstrong performed exceptionally in their disciplines.
Smith, C. Why Its Time To Legalize Steroids In Professional Sports. Web. 24th Aug, 2012. Retrieved from Read More
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