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Steroid use in sports - Research Paper Example

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As such, it is prescribed in some instances for medical purposes. Despite this, its use in the sporting arena has been on the increase. Various researches have been conducted concerning its…
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Steroid use in sports
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Extract of sample "Steroid use in sports"

Download file to see previous pages The underlying question is the source of the opinion that the steroids are crucial in muscle and strength development. The society has played a significant part and this is the reason for the increase in steroid use even among the youths. Like any other drugs, steroids are entirely used for their anticipated results. Through their use, one is able to increase his strength and body conformation within a short period (Harris 59). This is contrary to the natural method of improving one’s body conformation and strength though hard regular exercise. Despite this, use of steroids is usually combined with exercise in order to achieve the desired results. Since the user advocate that its use is not right, they usually take them in their privacy.
It is evident that everyone wants to be a winner in everything he undertakes. Numerous records have been put and broken by many. This has been a source of motivation to various persons, who are ready to undertake anything in order to break the records. Furthermore, the returns to the winners are soaring up which have been a motivator for all. The number of youth engaging in the use of steroids has been on the increase and is now becoming an international concern. This is mainly because youths are less aware of the side effects of steroids use. On the other hand, ignorance curiosity led them to using the drug. At their age, many adore fame and recognition and thus they use the drugs in order to have a competitive edge over other athletes.
The athletes consume the steroids in many ways. The choice of the method used depends on the urgency of realizing the anticipated results and the side effects of the method. Some of the most commonly used methods include
Oral steroids – these steroids are consumed through the mouth in the form of pills or liquid. The steroids are observed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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