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It is important for any coach to study his/her team members before deciding what measures to undertake. Some procedures work very well while others may not work at all. What works well include…
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Best/worst experiences with coaching style
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Best/Worst Experiences with Coaching Style Coaching is a skill that depends on various issues and procedures to be effective. It is important for any coach to study his/her team members before deciding what measures to undertake. Some procedures work very well while others may not work at all. What works well include explaining instructions and demonstrating each one of them. This involves the coach doing the practical for the team members. The coach is also supposed to invite the team members to join in the activity so they can learn faster. Correcting mistakes and supporting the team is essential since it motivates the members to work harder and develop self esteem.
A coach is supposed to be committed to his/her team. This ensures that he/she monitors the team closely and is able to confront any bad behaviors and resistance. A soft approach is always the best way to relate to the team members because that way, they do not resist to the instructions given. On the other hand, in cases where a team member has disobeyed, the coach is supposed to give the situation a tough approach so that the member on the wrong will get disciplined. All mistakes should be corrected accordingly to avoid recurrence. A coach is supposed to collaborate with the team and allow them to share their ideas. This makes the team more active and confident.
The team members may have some values which may boost the team’s performance. The coach should acknowledge such values and help the team utilize their talents. Every team requires a coach who will be open and optimistic. Optimism is very important because it encourages the team to give all their energy and concentration. Some procedures however do not work. Forcing members to carry out some activities may lead to resistance and rebellion. Discouraging members may also lead to low self esteem and affect the performance of the team in general. Therefore, it is important for coaches to support their members and encourage them. Read More
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