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News Analysis - Essay Example

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The process of news selection requires an individual to select stories based on the worthiness of the event. New selection also requires an individual to ignore items that are…
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News Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages A tabloid newspaper will have celebrity gossip on the front or cover page while a quality publication will have political news or news about a scandal on its front page. Different newspaper publications focus on different conventions (Bignall, 2007, p. 19). As a result, it is vital to decipher the signage within a news story across a range of news publications (Culler, 2011, p. 21). The aim of this exercise is to analyze the different codes and their effects on the perceived meaning of a story. This essay will analyze three newspapers: the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Times.
The story that will be studied focuses on a meeting between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron at a summit in 2012. National publications carried the story the following day, on February 18. 2012. In the Daily Mail, the story was reported by Daniel Martin under the title, “Le Snub Forgiven and Forgotten as Cameron cosies up to Sarko and Backs Him for French Election”. Tom McTague of the Daily Mirror reported the story under the title, “The Reservoir Duds: Cameron, Clegg and Hague Play the Toff Guys at French Summit”. The Times had a heading that read, “A pat on the back and lots of handshakes as the entente gets embarrassingly cordial”. This story is important because the newspapers covered the story from different perspectives. The three newspapers demonstrate the interpretations of publication news conventions.
Two months before the two leaders met, President Sarkozy expressed his reservations towards David Cameron because he vetoed a European Treaty for dealing with the financial crisis. The financial crisis was hurting a number of European economies. The President refused to acknowledge Cameron, and the two leaders could not shake hands (McTague, 2012, p. 1). The second meeting during the Paris summit was a makeup exercise as the two leaders hugged and talked freely. In my opinion, the story would have been front page news had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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