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3 dyadic interview and appellations of concepts - Essay Example

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All of exhibited some form of unique relationships with others. My conversation with them went beyond an interview to some deeper level where they were able to express to me much more. However,…
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3 dyadic interview and appellations of concepts
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Download file to see previous pages However, I realized that they are much conserved and the information that they gave was not complete. Despite this, when giving their answers they were cool, calm, and collected. My focus was to know X’s interpersonal relations. This relates to the way they are able to interact with others as well as the extent to which they express their feelings as well as personal reaction to situations. When communicating with others X is very brief and precise, not that he is cautious of his words but at some point, he seems to lack the words. His expressions are not fully complete. However, he demonstrates clarity in the way he communicates. I talked with him concerning his ability to communicate with others. In this, he was very categorical that he finds it difficult to initiate conversations with strangers. Not only is this his predicament, but also maintaining a conversation with a stranger is a daunting task to him. Despite this, when communicating with a person he is conversant with, he pointed out that he is very free and can communicate for long time without any breakdown in communication.
I yearned to know more about his interaction with family members and friends. He pointed out to me that have been with a single parent, who is his mother. Therefore, he points out that there are some things that he is not comfortable sharing with the mother. Being the only child, he has no option rather than learn from friends. His scope of friends is relatively small but his friends are very close to him. He demonstrates a deep sense of affection and does not take relationships lightly. He tells me that he has a girlfriend whom they spend a lot of time together. They have been together for the last three years. He tells me that his mother was initially opposed to the idea but she came to appreciate. As the conversation went on, he was easy going and could explain his answers in much more details compared to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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