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Lit Review - Case Study Example

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Whether one considers the progression between landline telephones, pagers, car phones, and eventually mobile communications and…
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Lit Review
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Download file to see previous pages The intent of this brief analysis will be to understand whether or not the way in which humanity currently interacts with the internet is on the whole helpful or harmful – or whether it exhibits key aspects of what can be understood to be an unhealthful and addictive relationship of dependence. The ultimate stakeholders that the research will be attempting to impact will be the parents of children in society that can have the ability and decision making power to constrain the amount of time that these young people spend online; thereby forming positive life habits that will doubtless be exhibited in their own future life. Through such an analysis, this student would like to engage the reader with information concerning how parents must engage in definitive forms of action in order to ensure that subsequent generations do not grow up to become zombie-like internet addicts with poor communication skills and poorly socialized. Even though the intended audience is aware of the fact that social media addiction is of importance, the discussion will focus upon presenting a literature review that focuses specifically upon the ills of addiction as it relates to social media.
Likewise, the psychology of addiction has long been of particular interest to psychologists and professionals from a variety of different fields. Traditionally, addiction has been understood in terms of well-known substances and behavior addiction of many varieties. However, regardless of whether or not an individual understands addiction as being genetically predisposed or environmentally conditioned, the fact of the matter is that addiction is a very real element of the human psyche. Moreover, addiction spans far beyond the relevance of understanding such a term in its traditional context (Sands 60). What is meant by this is that research into addiction has oftentimes been focused around discussing well-known addictive substances: such as tobacco, alcohol, street drugs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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