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A mass media outlet closely monitors the feedback from their audience to improve on their defects. Feedback from audience depicts the real opinion and the media…
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Mass midia
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Download file to see previous pages Information sharing in digital platform has formed the newest trend in mass communication. Digital media, such as social sites and digital newspapers has enhanced the feedback process in terms of speed, accuracy and availability of specific information about respondents (Campbell 2012).
Traditional mass media includes radio, televisions, newspapers and magazines. The feedback mechanism in these media is complex in nature due to lengthy manual process. Submitting a feedback to a media house regarding a program involves writing a letter to the program manager or a newspaper editor. This process is tedious in nature and can sometimes be futile. This is because the feedback letters may get misplaced or loss due to incorrect addresses. In addition, the process takes a lot of time and the feedback may lose its importance during transit.
The cost of tendering a feedback is a hindrance in traditional mass media. This is because sending of feedback is requires posting letters that may not be beneficial to the audience. As such, traditional means of mass media receive less feedback.
Digital feedback mechanisms have proven to be more efficient and are already phasing out traditional feedback mechanism. This is because many mass media platforms have gone online where respondents can post feedback at the click of a button. This makes the feedback process costless and thus more feedback is received.
In addition to quick tendering of feedbacks, the editors of the news receive the feedbacks immediately and may respond accordingly. This enhances the relationship between the audience and the news media (Levine 2012). This has an overall advantage of expanding the audience base of the digital media platforms. Moreover, feedback in digital media has been boosted by the fact that the audience can chat and discuss over contentious issues. This creates royalty between the audience and the news vendor.
From the feedbacks received, the number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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