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In the paper “Graduate School of Communication,” the author describes his passionate about studying journalism at John Hopkins University. He has always had a deep desire to learn more about various cultures in his community as well as the larger society. …
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Graduate School of Communication
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Module Graduate School of Communication I am quite passionate about studying journalism at the John Hopkins I have always had a deep desire to learn more about various cultures in my community as well as the larger society. This interest has led me to work with individual in different fields and on different purposes. Once I acquire my graduate degree, I intend to use it to give back to the community in a practical way. I have worked in jobs that have enhanced my communication skills before. I believe that attaining a graduate degree from John Hopkins will further fine tune my communication skills and allow me to be able to successfully appeal to even more senior officials in an effort to contribute to the betterment of the community.
A graduate degree from John Hopkins will also add to my knowledge about the present state of public affairs while equipping me with the ability to come up with answers to pressing issues. At present, I am in the process of forming an organization a non-profit organization that will be of assistance to young girls whose guardians lack the financial resources to make their professional as well as personal goals in life come true. In the past, I have gravitated towards subjects that would equip me better in the objective of affecting my community in positive ways. I have worked in Washington at the Radio One, Inc headquarters as an intern. During my time in Washington, I would become the youngest worker in my position in the DC market. This position exposed me to business circles that I would not have been able to access through any other means.
I had the good fortune to meet and speak earnestly with many influential radio personalities, which gave me visibility and also allowed me to learn about how to successfully appeal to the community in order to create constructive programs. The exposure I received was instrumental in the later formation of my firm P² Media, which I officially launched in May, 2013. Through my organization, I have met and worked with celebrated artists like the rapper Kidd Flash, Hacketts Funeral Chapel, Multiplatinum Songwriter Lundon "Da Bridge" Knighten, and the group TGT. I help my clients to realize their dreams and build their careers.
My academic experiences helped me to be able to relate with people from different cultures. I applied and was accepted by thirteen colleges but did not attend any of them due to family difficulties. I would attend the Prince George community college from which I further developed my communication skills due to the student population diversity I encountered on campus. I graduated in December 2011, as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, from Prince George’s Community College with three Associate Degrees. I then proceeded to the University of Maryland for my Bachelor’s Degree. I intend to put my Master’s degree from John Hopkins to good use once I graduate. I have learnt that persistence in spite of the occasional discouraging moment or situation is what propels an individual forward and assists her to become an advocate of progress in her society (Pavlina 138). I look forward to further improving my community in this regard. I would like to improve my organizational as well as communication skills in order to realize this dream.
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Pavlina, Steve. Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth. California: Hay House, 2009 Read More
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