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The paper describes one of the greatest aspects pertaining to education that is the enhancement of communication and elements of maturity. In each of the college level paths, there are certain elements of similarities and contrasts, influenced by various factors such as the environment…
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The Difference Between the High School System and Graduate Institutions
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Education indeed is a lifetime project, with each level having a specific role that it teaches an individual in order to become a better individual in the society. One of the greatest aspects pertaining to education is the enhancement of communication (Hood and Sadler, 2010), and elements of maturity. In each of the college level paths, there are certain elements of similarities and contrasts, influenced by various factors such as the environment. In order to identify the similarities and differences in the four college level paths, it is important that each of the college level paths are well defined, thereby enhancing effective understanding of each.
First, Advanced Placement (AP) is a program currently practiced in the United States and Canada that offer college-level curricula and examinations to high school students (McCauley, 2007),who have shown exemplary performance in their studies. Before any examination is taken for high school students, the College Board in the various fields must approve the curricula, and provide the examinations to the students. College in its part is an educational l institution or a constituent of one offering vocational training, degree-awarding tertiary college, or an affiliate of one. Colleges follow high schools in the education hierarchy (Hood and Sadler, 2010). A graduate institution on its part is an institution that offers degree programs to its students. Graduate colleges are more advanced than colleges and Advanced Colleges. High school, however, refers to a school that offers part of the secondary school curriculum to its students, and come after primary school or in certain instances, middle school and then followed by vocational training or higher education (McCauley, 2007).
One of the similarities of the different college level paths is that each enhances the communication ability of the students in the level of advancement. However, the higher the level, the more advanced the communication. Students from graduate level have better communication compared to the other levels considering that it is the highest of all, therefore, the environment ensuring that individuals advance in their written and oral communication mechanics and techniques (Kis and Park, 2012). Additionally, the college and graduate levels usually offer specialized education system in which students in such institutions study in various fields and areas of specialization, making them more informed on the various study topics in which the students are specialized (Kis and Park, 2012). In the case of high school; however, students study many subject areas with little or no specialization in a particular field. Approach of education in such a perspective limits the aspect of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a student in a particular field of study (McCauley, 2007). Advanced placement institutions usually offer similar curriculum to that of the high school, only that the exemplary students get an opportunity to take examinations approved by the board. Such an aspect enhances the student’s understanding in the different subject areas examined.
Despite being affiliated to the high school curriculum, Advanced Placement colleges offer specialized examinations to its students, bringing about an aspect of specialization as observed in the case of colleges and graduate institutions. However, the difference comes in the aspect that Advanced Placement institutions are under the high school system whereas colleges and graduate institutions are post-high school institutions.
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