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I have heard a great deal about all of your accomplishment as the Chief Financial Officer of Solar Enterprises and also as Managing Director of Accounting at Environ Tech. You are a very engaging person, very quick and well informed. I am thrilled and looking forward to be…
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Changes To Be Considered
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Heading: Changes to Be Considered Dear Boss Lauren, I have heard a great deal about all of your accomplishment as the Chief Financial Officer of Solar Enterprises and also as Managing Director of Accounting at Environ Tech. You are a very engaging person, very quick and well informed. I am thrilled and looking forward to be meeting you.
I am aware that our meeting is supposed to be on Monday, October 14th but, am sorry to inform you that I have a number of reports which I am supposed to write and are due on that date. They are very important to the company and I have to fill them and hand them in on that day. I know you are a very busy person too but I am requesting if we can extend the meeting to 16th if it is okay with you.
We have had several problems it the company, therefore, I have listed them down and some recommendations that may help solve the problems.
1. There is a large budget strain and we incur a lot of expenses
2. The company requires us to work well above fifty hours a week which seems quite a lot
3. Some of us are frequently asked to work on short notice.
4. Some of are also expected to travel every week and this seems unnecessary.
We are ready to hear your ideas and discussion regarding the above issues when we meet. I am confident that your knowledge and expertise are critical to this company, and all the co-workers, me included hope to benefit under your supervision.
I am sure that you are aware that this company, Tech-Shield, has done well and is continuing to well. This is due to the hard work that we put as workers in the company. For example, I gave three presentations last quarter, all of them around the same time. The report discussed key aspects of financial corporate liability because the quarterly profits of the company had declined. We discussed a loss of $200,000 and how to improve our performance. The presentation was candid, and we suggested a form of conservation to curb expenses with Tech-Shield by installing auto-sensors for the lights, encouraging ride-sharing programs, and introducing a day care to help address the expectation of longer hours.
These ideas worked very well. In fact, we not only saved the two hundred thousand dollar lost on productivity but, we also cleared a profit of twenty thousand dollars.
I have some ideas to help solve the problems that I listed above. Scheduling is always a challenge, but perhaps meetings that coordinate travel expectations and additional hours might benefit all and eliminate miscommunications. We could have flexible weeks, instead of fifty hours a week; we could have employees’ alternate hours for each week. Some employees who had more time on a particular week could work more hours on that particular week and then work less on the following week. This can benefit everyone.
We could add more employees. We could inform all of the employees about the daycare facilities and promote them. We already have these facilities, so there would be only a negligible affect on the budget. We could be more efficient by not training people to do new jobs. I hope you will understand and appreciate all of these ideas. You can implement all, or at least some of them, to good use. I am looking forward to meeting you and I know Tech-Shield will be much stronger with you at the helm.
Yours faithfully
Miguel Wilkens

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Changes To Be Considered Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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