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An essay "Self-Introductory" outlines that the café near my home is situated in a busy street where surprisingly a good amount of small mom and pop stores have survive,; so it is always a bustling street. If you sit where I am sitting, you would see so many different kinds of people…
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I am sitting at a café near my home. I love this café; not because they offer a good cup of coffee or because they have a pleasing atmosphere, I come here for the people I get to see. I get my standard cup of black coffee, find a place near the window and just sit here for hours. I do not come here regularly; I come here whenever the mood strikes.
The café near my home is situated in a busy street where surprisingly a good amount of small mom and pop stores have survived; so it is always a bustling street. If you sit where I am sitting, you would see so many different kinds of people. Some days, I feel that all people are the same. They have the same expressions, same fashion sense and same body language. But at other times, I feel that my world is filled with so many extreme people. They are all different many ways: their dressing sense, their cultures, their races and their religion.
If all of them were to observe me as I observe them, I wonder what they would feel. Would they see an Asian or would they see a person with observant eyes and a passion to discover the world and the people within. Most of the times, I feel that they see only an Asian and stereotype me as a hardworking and business minded person. But how wrong they would be!
Sometimes, I imagine myself to be character of a book by Haruki Murakami. Coming into America in some ways was a journey into one of the books of Murakami. I saw a world quite unlike my own with people having different ideals and different opinions. I like to myself as a character that could change people and their surroundings through his thoughts.
If I had such a power, what would I not do? Sitting in this café, drinking my coffee, I am getting so many ideas. I would make the road side beggar find a diamond in his hat that the lady who gave him five cents accidently dropped. But would this make his happy or eventually sad when he gambled it all away? Or I would unleash the barking dog on the old lady who is barely able to walk. Would the dog bite her or would she gain a new energy that she never knew was there all along.
On a more global platform, I would become the assistant of Larry Page. Working alongside Larry, I would learn a lot and later apply it on my father’s business that I intend to make as strong as that of Larry Page, Steve Jobs or Bill Clinton.
As I sit near the café, making my coffee last longer, I realize that what I just wrote was typical me. I let my world run on imagination; I do not get up to change my world. This alas is the tragedy of my life. I am the thinking person, not the go-getter. I live in the world of characters and books. Often times, reading book or reading about people, I sit back and think what I would have done in their place. My ideas always come out better in my imagination and this is why I love the world of imagination. Read More
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