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Freedom based of the book the white tiger - Essay Example

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A country whose economy and cultural way of life is continuously and constantly exploited by the colonial rulers for centuries cannot achieve prosperity in the real sense of the term by aid from this…
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Freedom based of the book the white tiger
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Extract of sample "Freedom based of the book the white tiger"

Download file to see previous pages Let the people of the country not allow any organization to which they belong, to become loose and inefficient and let them remain loyally disposed to the cause of ideal of work. But the rich class will not allow this to happen and they wish to keep the poor section of the society to remain poor for their vested interests. The rich and the powerful want the average citizen to remain docile and enmeshed in poverty and subjugation, and keep busy to solve domestic and economic problems. The poor work hard; the rich work intelligently and know the art of switching over every situation to their advantage and deny the opportunity to the oppressed to free themselves from the shackles.
Reverting to the issue Balaram Halwai, who styles himself as an entrepreneur, declares, “Please understand, Your Excellency, that India is two countries in one: an India of Light, and an India of Darkness.” (12)He is pleading for the poor of India, as compared to the super rich to whom aggrandizement of wealth is the way of life. Balaram has serious complaints against the working of democracy in India. Majority of the Indians are not free in the real sense. Constitutional provisions and passing legislations in the name of the poor will not bring freedom and economic prosperity. The author cites the representative example of his village and argues, “These people were building homes for the rich, but they lived in tents covered with blue tarpaulin sheets, and partitioned into lanes by lines of sewage. It was even worse than Laxmangarh.”(222) Elections, the very process of democracy, are rigged. Balram asserts, “I am India’s most faithful voter, and I have still not seen the inside of a voting booth.”(86) He compares the process of election with darkness because, the process is not fair and many malpractices happen during the election, often with the connivance of those who are in charge of conducting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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