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Human-Animal Relationships in The Call of the Wild by Jack London - Book Report/Review Example

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The book review "Human-Animal Relationships in The Call of the Wild by Jack London" circumvents around north Canada’s discovery of yellow metal by men groping in the Arctic darkness at the same time the steamships and transportation companies boomed as men vowed to rush northwards. …
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Human-Animal Relationships in The Call of the Wild by Jack London
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Extract of sample "Human-Animal Relationships in The Call of the Wild by Jack London"

Download file to see previous pages The book is thus chosen it is marred with many incidences of Human-Animal relationships that fit the requirements of the discussion. The title of the book itself justifies this decision besides, beast, fang as well as dogs are used to aid the discussion.

This chapter entails the invention of gold northland of Canada by groping men. This comes with the need for heavy dogs with muscles, long hair and fury coat to adapt to cold weather of the Northland. It is upon these unfolding that every tide-water dogs are drawn with particular focus on the kidnapping of Mr. Miller’s long stayed chief dog called Buck by men who were rushing northland to explore and extract the invented gold.

The primitiveness of dogs including Buck crops in as they failed and were hesitant to read newspapers that had shown the brewing trouble informed by the discovery of yellow metal. Unlike other dogs like Japanese pug, Toots Ysabel, the Mexican hairless who were ever indoors and lived in popular kennels quietly and would disappear after a while, Buck resided in judge Miller’s house and ruled the vast place for four years. To amplify this further, Buck was not housed dog as the chief dog was never seen in the kennel and guarded the entire Miller’s place-the swimming tank as well hunting with Miller’s sons, escorted Miler’s daughters, Alice and Mollie during the early morning or long twilight.
He was a king indeed at Mr. Miller’s place ruling over every judge’s assets including humans. His primitiveness arose when Manuel, a gambler tricked Buck when his master was on a meeting on what he knew would just be a stroll and it was there that he would be sold at the College Park trail station without anyone noticing. Buck had a rope gone his neck but being that he had trusted men he knew like Manuel, he did not resist despite his non-acceptance as he also felt inferior to such men giving dues for being more knowledgeable than him.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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