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The Role of Communication Skills in Planning a Group Project - Essay Example

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This essay is about an experience that has been attained during planning for a presentation. This experience is based on what actually happens to the presenter planning for this type of communication. It is not different from experiences of a lot of people that plan for public speaking…
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The Role of Communication Skills in Planning a Group Project
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"The Role of Communication Skills in Planning a Group Project"

Download file to see previous pages Presentations actually are a form of communication that involve, in practice, use of certain literature about the subject matter, presenter, mode of presentation and an effective way of communication. On the audience side, the targeted individuals are referred to as people of concern, importance or potentials of any kind. This two-pronged structure of a presentation environment is very important as far the concept of planning for a presentation is concerned (Griffith University, 2007). The planning thus involves the crux and quintessence of the presentation that comes out to be the face of what has been worked upon. This working involves a comprehensive methodology and practices so that an effective result may be achieved. This resultant is actually the material for the presentation.
This essay is about an experience that has been attained during planning for a presentation. This experience is of course based on what actually happens to the presenter planning for this type of communication. It is not different from experiences of a lot of people that plan for public speaking. In fact, this domain of public speaking demands a lot more insight from the presenter into a topic or the subject matter that is being presented. The retrospective analysis of the presenter always notifies to him a self-correcting conclusion that planning is actually the first step towards presentation making.
Planning for presentation involves background knowledge, though thin, yet broad and readily available. Individual planning is less preferred for group planning. This is very important to have a consultancy and discussion environment during this stage.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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