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Drone is a term used to refer to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), these drones are not operated by a human pilot, they are rather controlled by humans that are situated on the ground and they are even controlled through computer systems (Garlasco 10). Drones have several purposes…
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Introduction about Drones and Seattle Polices Drones
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Drones Drone is a term used to refer to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), these drones are not operated by a human pilot, they are rather controlled by humans that are situated on the ground and they are even controlled through computer systems (Garlasco 10). Drones have several purposes and for different purposes there are different kinds of drones. Drones became popular during the war of US over Iraq and Afghanistan and the importance of drones have made these defense tools quite popular around the world. At the basic level there are two kinds of drone, one which are used for the purpose of attacking enemy lines and the other ones are used for surveillance purposes. The ones used for attacking enemy lines have recently been a part of war on terrorism where they are used to figure out enemies on the ground and then they are used to eliminate these enemies. The ones used for surveillance purposes have been used both domestically and internationally for security purposes. For example: recently the state of Seattle purchased two drones each costing a total of $41,000 (Clarridge, 2012). These drones are under the testing phase and are controlled by the police department of Seattle. These drones have been adopted by the police department for the purpose of surveillance and these drones have cameras along with infrared eye attached to it. There are various benefits of using drones, these include: they are in expensive, they save lives and they provide a competitive advantage to the side that is using them (Benjamin 18).
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