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Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircraft that are controlled either by ‘pilots on the ground, not aboard or automatically through programming. The latter category is on the rise. While there are numerous types of drones, they all fall in either of two…
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, they are inexpensive relative to conventional aircraft, and they are remote controlled, thereby eliminating peril to the flight crew. However, despite these benefits, drones continue to generate much debate among the public. Much of this debate revolves around concerns of privacy and safety. This paper contends that there ought to be no fear over the good use of drones.
Drones have the potential to collect weather data from the farthest reaches of the atmosphere (Cutlip 7). These parts are difficult to reach using conventional weather instruments. The data thus collected could be integrated into models for predicting weather, thereby increasing the reliability and accuracy of weather forecasts. More accurate weather prediction would be useful in helping farmers that rely on rain-fed agriculture better plan their farming activities. This would come in handy at time when global warming has altered global and local weather patterns and rendered planning for farming activities difficult. Over the years, universities and research centers across the country have been exploring ways in which drones can be used to gather meteorological data. However, it was not until recently that drones started to be in collecting and interpreting weather data.
Besides agriculture, improved weather prediction have other benefits. For instance, had it been available to them, the authorities and the University of Alaska would have used meteorological drones to predict that the winter storm of 2011 was going to be more severe than those usually experienced. Then the 3,500 residents of Nome would have been advised to replenish their supplies of fuel to last them the entire season. Then, they would not have had to endure the cold for several weeks as they waited for the relief fuel to arrive from Russia. Even so, the usefulness of this information would have largely depended on how well the authorities and researchers disseminated it.
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