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Being read to - Essay Example

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In normal situations, the act of someone reading on behalf of another one undoubtedly is not all beneficial on the part of the person to whom a script is being read to as it denies the listener personal freedoms that are only inherent to personal reading. Simply put, the act…
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Being read to
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Download file to see previous pages Alberto Manguel in his Chapter “Being Read To” as contained in his book “A History of Reading” revisits the common and often contradictory subject of reading on behalf of someone.
He carefully looks into this issue analytically giving the readers a historical framework on the origin of the subject, quite in line with his title “A History of Reading” perhaps as a means of justifying his perspective and pure love of writing and reading.
Above all, I agree with Page’s arguments that Manguel’s writing tackles each of its chapters using a freestanding approach that carefully selects on topics in the “ A History of Reading” thereby bringing on a new approach to how reading approaches have conventionally been taught overtime, and peoples approach to reading both in private and public sphere, and what has been popularly referred to as reading as a metaphor, offering a relation what is conventionally being heard to that information which is read over time as has been exposed in his controversial chapter “Being Read To” (Page).
Alberto Manguel’s “History of the Reading” is an interesting historical writing that combines a rich collection of learned knowledge and pleasure rather than mere reading. This informative reading takes on a different approach than to book organization, adopting what I may call a digressive route which does not have a conventional beginning to proceed logically as some would expect of a ‘historical’ writing (Manguel; Bell).
According to Manguel, he takes on the approach that there is no universal governing law operating in this situation, though there seems to be a outstanding concept that repeats itself in a variety of forms. To this far, this writing as advanced by Manguel calls for what can be strongly referred to as privilege of the reader. The reader’s thoughts can therefore contribute in changing the book into more like a message that makes sense for his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Being Read to Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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