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Describe and assess the listener's experience of two different composition or two performances of the same composition - Assignment Example

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This is seen in the harmony of the music. This is a radical change that an attentive audience can notice and tell the difference between the two performances of the same composition…
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Describe and assess the listeners experience of two different composition or two performances of the same composition
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Download file to see previous pages How the melodic lines interweave in the songs differs too (Vazsonyi, 15).
Another important aspect of the assessment is the melody; the melody range of the two songs can differ with the timbers, and the rhymes. This can also be noticed by the audiences. “Cups” two song versions differ in rhyme and timbers as well. The differences in the melody can be relatively minor, but play a role in the differences of the two songs.
The parallel transpose and the simple transpose can be noted too in the two pieces when they are performed (Vazsonyi, 15). The mood in the song can be noticed by the audience, this depends also on alterations that are made on the two pieces when done.
These alterations can be done in the melody that is in the rhymes or the timbers of the song “cups” the melody of the original can be intact compared to the song sung again. Harmony can also affect the differences monitored by the audiences in the tone and notes.
Another aspectual difference that can be noticed by the audience is the randomness, stochastic and chance. Randomness can be different based on how the singer wants it to appear. The first instance can be unintentional randomness, which can contribute to bad music this can be due to the guitarist or any other person adding extra notes to the music the second instance is the intended randomness, this can be done to improve the quality of the music by the singer.
The intention is to introduce random variations that make the singing particular by varying the music content this can also be noticed in the two “Cups” pieces. The elements of randomness can be based on chance; this is brought out by the singer waiting for the opportune moment to begin another melodic line or the moment that the drum mist plays an extra note. Stochastic composition is noted in the cups song`s beats, which are very randomly thought and extraordinarily done.
This brings out the element of the musics beauty in random thoughts that the composer uses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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