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Pain Sounds Aesthetically - Essay Example

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An essay "Pain Sounds Aesthetically" reports that the ballade starts with what sounds like several first clumsy words of a speaker. The speech’s resolute, yet there’s no audience to listen. This feeling of solitude firstly comes from a chordophone only sound: that single speaker is a piano…
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Pain Sounds Aesthetically
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Download file to see previous pages The Ballade starts with what sounds like several first clumsy words of a speaker. The speech’s resolute, yet there’s no audience to listen. This feeling of solitude firstly comes from a chordophone only sound: that single speaker is a piano. Secondly, those first “words” are conveyed by a low pitch. They sound full and resolute due to the loudness of dynamic and long dramatic intervals. Along with overtones that imitate echo, a feeling of no audience’s achieved. Then, phrase by phrase, “a speech” becomes more normal, logical as dynamic becomes softer, there’re already shorter intervals, and feeling of description comes from a developing accompaniment (basically, chords). Yet a general nervousness stays in this section as well as during the whole Ballade. To oppose the first melody, Chopin starts a new one in a second section (3:18) with the higher pitch (“Zimerman plays Chopin Ballade No. 1”). The second melody’s dreamy, and it’s developing brings a feeling like a compositor’s dreaming or remembering some nice times. Sound becomes generally, more relaxing due to softness in dynamic; more water-like or misty due to vanishing intervals. It seems that the composer gives listeners an opportunity to have some rest until the dynamic part begins. There’s a minimum of attacks, maximum of decays when performing the second section, but not for long. The first melody returns in the third section (4:20) bringing a feeling of screaming or at least, a loud dramatic, maybe accusing, monolog again. This feeling comes from dominant dynamic loudness, from intervals between accompaniment and the melody, and dominant attacking style of performance, until suddenly, Chopin gets lost in own images, and feelings in forth section (5:23). The feeling of a noisy mess’s achieved by a higher pitch and that now they're more sounds for each time with dominantly, a stable loudness and no intervals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pain Sounds Aesthetically Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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