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Analysis on musical scoring by Hans Zimmer - Essay Example

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This essay describes the career and influence on the music of a talented artist Hans Zimmer. Zimmer was born in 1953 in Germany, and is now considered one of the world’s most renowned composers and arrangers. He has produced music for over 100 films…
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Analysis on musical scoring by Hans Zimmer
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"Analysis on musical scoring by Hans Zimmer"

Download file to see previous pages This "Analysis on musical scoring by Hans Zimmer" essay describes artistic heritage of Hans Zimmer. The main ideal which Zimmer uses in his music is the combination of electronic and orchestral music. The influences of partnering with Myers, as well as his background in playing the keyboards has led to the scoring alternatives for his music and has led into the combined focus. Zimmer believes that the use of acoustics is one which is irreplaceable because of the mood it creates. There is an understanding that the electronic sounds and arrangements are able to create a different mood and set of elements that are easily combined with the music. The main concept which Zimmer keeps in mind before scoring the music is when and where to use the specific instrumentation as well as how this will reflect the story line and mood that comes from the music. Keeping these in mind first then allows Zimmer to move into scoring with the right alternatives and arrangements while creating a specific approach to finding the right mood before beginning the process of scoring. The first step which is taken with the process of creating a score is based on collaboration with the film producers. Stills, shots and the plot line are sent for consideration to the work of the music artist, specifically so it creates an understanding of what the characters are about and the mood which needs to be created in specific sections. If it is a work where music is used for specific characters, then the shots are from the make-up and the specific plot line which follows the characters. However, if there are suggestions to add music at a certain point in the plot line, then this is broken down between the composer and those working on the set. The earlier collaboration between the two is able to create an understanding of what is needed for the music scoring while beginning the process of producing the right tone with the overall score (Zimmer, 2009: 1). After this original step, there is an approach to creating a nature of the sounds that are being introduced. Zimmer uses the process of taking the sounds and adding them into a script, specifically by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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