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This paper, Communication Skills - Week One Individual Assignment, presents the three communication skills that would be most beneficial in one’s professional or personal life includes: being a good conversationalist; being an exemplary listener; being an effective writer. …
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Communication Skills - Week One Individual Assignment
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Describe three of the communication skills that you think will be most beneficial to you in your professional or personal life.
The three communication skills that would be most beneficial in one’s professional or personal life includes: (1) being a good conversationalist; (2) being an exemplary listener; and (3) being an effective writer. Being a good conversationalist entails knowledge of the communication process and grammatical rules, appropriate behavior in the application of verbal and non-verbal cues, as well as in accurately understanding the messages that were sent, as originally intended. Concurrently, being a good listener is one of the most essential ingredients in the communication process; therefore, it would be advantageous to learn the techniques and strategies that could make one a better listener. Finally, one could use skills in writing in one’s future career through the need to comply with business correspondences, reportorial requirements, or sending messages to various stakeholders.
Describe three of the important skills you think are required to communicate effectively.
Therefore, the three important skills that would require one to communicate effectively include applying improved listening skills, knowledge of verbal and non-verbal cues across different cultures, and being able to express one’s thoughts and concerns through the proper choices and structure of words and by being aware of the different settings, audiences, and rhetorical elements that would assist in conveying one’s intended messages [Mar04]. To be able to apply all these skills, it is imperative to be knowledgeable of the elements of the communication, the barriers that prevent senders and recipients from accurately understanding the messages sent, as well as minimizing distractions or noise within the communication setting or environment.

Mar04: , (Martires, 2004), Read More
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