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This research revolves around feminism and feminism issues revolving around the writing of an essay by Laura Mulvey, The Visual pleasure and narrative cinema. It is in this same course that issues concerning Psychoanalysis arise. This is all narrowed down, to the realization…
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Giving a summary and offering a contemporary example
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Contemporary Journalism Framework XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX A Contemporary Framework
This research revolves around feminism and feminism issues revolving around the writing of an essay by Laura Mulvey, The Visual pleasure and narrative cinema. It is in this same course that issues concerning Psychoanalysis arise. This is all narrowed down, to the realization that, concepts borrowed from these theories and articles utilize concepts in the argument that cinematic display of cinema viewing mainly a media-based issue has put the particular spectator inevitably, in a state of masculine subjection. This in turn leaves women and the figure of women in general, as the main object of desire. This is also called the male gaze.
Under what is a broad umbrella of psychoanalysis, different theories vary there between. The basic method of psychoanalysis is the interpretation of the relative subjects’ unconscious conflicts, that later tend to interfere with his or her day-to-day normal functioning’s. These conflicts may pose a threat such as causing phobia, anxiety or depression. Feminism on the other hand, which generally fights for ideologies aimed at defining, as well as defending equal opportunities for women in the political and economical sector (Musa, 2010, 68). This gives a feminist the role to advocate for the rights and equalities of women.
In light of Laura Mulvey, and her strong ideologies, there leaves a question to be answered, on whether it still is fair to characterize women mainly as objects of the male gaze. The media in general, portrays certain roles to be taken up by either men or women. However, its men who gain the upper hand, leaving women to fit in what are at times referred to as the excess positions. The issue is thus; could there be a reversed definition of the male gaze? Meaning, could there be a female gaze? Identifying with a female gaze is just but a mere identification with the masculinity issue (Halberstam, 2008, 93).
When it comes to the question about media, Laura Mulvey views Hollywood as being a good example, and a proper definition of a monolithic construct. It is evident that films and media in general, aim at mass-producing daydreams and fantasies as well, but for what purpose. Women tend to suffer being objectified via the media, through unconscious desires, which are a creation founded in a patriarchal ideology. Mulvey further builds on her ideas, with the claim that with psychoanalysis, one is able and at a position to discover the fascination of media work, in terms of the individual subject, and certain social formations that continue to mould him (Mulvey, 2009, 147).
It is as a result, that psychoanalytic theory is appropriated here, as a weapon: a political weapon that demonstrates the magnitude in which the patriarchal society continues to structure film forms. Mulveys theory is thus highly applicable in the study of masculinity, as findings from research continue to unfold. It is true however, that psychoanalytic theory, as it currently stands, is at a position to advance ones understanding of the role of feminism, as well as making it possible to nurture it deep within our societies. After the review of these points, one gets to understand the issue at hand and gets a clear picture.
Mulvey, L. 2009. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. Anthony Easthope, ed, Contemporary Film Theory. New York: Cengage Learning.
Halberstam, J. 2008. The Transgender Gaze in Boys Don’t Cry. Chicago: Chicago University Press.
Musa, B. 2010. Emerging Issues in Contemporary Journalism. New York: McGraw Hill Publishers. Read More
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