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Injury and Violence Free Living Name Institutional Affiliation Injury and Violence Free Living Background and Significance of the Problem/Priority Area The National Prevention Strategy Plan which identified Injury and Violence Free Living as one of the priority areas has specifically noted that “reducing injury and violence improves physical and emotional health” (National Prevention Council, 2010, p…
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Injury and violence free living
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Download file to see previous pages The rate of unintentional injury deaths were noted to be 40.0 deaths per 100,000 population with 2007 as the baseline year and as much as 60.6% of children have been exposed and affected by violence, either directly or indirectly (National Prevention Strategy Indicators, n.d.). In this regard, the current discourse aims to investigate and explore this priority area in terms of providing details on evidence-based approaches to address injuries and violence in identified populations and communities. Evidence-Based Approaches to Addressing the Priority Area o Healthy and Safe Community Environments In a study written by Merzel & D'Affliti (2003), the authors have delved into evaluating 20 years of community-based programs to determine effectiveness in promoting healthy and safe community environments. According to their findings, “the evidence from the past 20 years indicates, however, that many community-based programs have had only modest impact, with the notable exception of a number of HIV prevention programs” (Merzel & D'Affliti, 2003, p. 557). ...
Negative health and developmental outcomes are concentrated among children living within high-poverty and disadvantaged neighborhoods” (Komro, Flay, Biglan, & Consortium: Summary, 2011, par. 1). It was therefore aptly recommended that collaborative efforts among community members are needed to design integrated strategies which would address physical and social factors that influence the well-being and development of children. These efforts are therefore consistent with the thrust of addresssing the priority area of injury and violence free living, as prescribed. o Clinical and Community Preventive Services The research study written by McElwaine, et al., (2013) identified behavioral risk factors that allegedly contribute to increased preponderance for mortality and morbidity. These factors included poor nutrition, smoking, physical inactivity and risky alcohol use. The findings revealed that despite efforts instituted in community settings, “preventive care was not provided opportunistically to all, and was preferentially provided to select groups. This suggests a need for practice change strategies to enhance preventive care provision to achieve adherence to clinical guidelines” (McElwaine, et al., 2013, p. 1). The information disclosed herein could be used by policymakers to focus on improving strategies to effectively provide preventive services that would ultimately address injuries and violence in the various communities. o Empowering People The facet of empowering people was specifically explored in the study conducted by Samoocha, Bruinvels, Elbers, Anema, & van der Beek (2010). Due to technological advancements in contemporary times, the authors explored patient empowerment through the provision of accessible information through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Injury and Violence Free Living Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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