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Did you ever wonder how the many countries that are geographically stationed at different parts of the world, populated with different people, cultures, and languages are able to unite? Well, technology is what allows the long distance relationship work, where communication is…
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Technology and Issues with Modern Communication
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Technology and Issues with Modern Communication Did you ever wonder how the many countries that are geographically stationed at different parts of the world, populated with different people, cultures, and languages are able to unite? Well, technology is what allows the long distance relationship work, where communication is being delivered efficiently and effectively. Some of the modern technology that are involved in almost everything we do includes the computer and our mobile phones that allow us to get instant access to information, news, entertainment and etc. However, as clearly as we can sift the benefits of modern technology to an effective communication, there are also four words that pose challenges that we should think about – Communication, Ubiquitous, Consequential, & Complex”.
Today, the internet and mobile phones are one of the mostly used medium of communication as it provides real-time messages to be exchanged, not to mention the affordability of doing so. However, we can see a paradigm shift in the kind of messages we now create – from detailed sentences to communicate as sending letters would always put pressure on enveloping the whole message before sending it out because of the time it will take to get to the recipient and the cost, convenience we now enjoy with modern technology makes us shift to a conversational way of communicating (Thomas, M.). Thus, most of the time, we fail to establish the story or the purpose of a message and go directly to the main point which somehow fails to deliver the point to a recipient.
The next challenge would be the ubiquitous & consequential quality of modern technology. We all know that technologies that aid us to communicate are universal. Everyone now has easy access to it. However, one downside to this would be the fact that everyone desires to get a hold of the faster gadget available with more features for a better exchange of messages without really taking time to get proper education on how to use it. Thus, increased spending, not getting the most of a certain gadget, and at the same time lessened person to person interaction is diminished because of the proliferation of social media. Also, modern technology being deemed to be consequential to the quality of life has a strong tendency to be merely an object that describes a status quo instead of being used as an instrument to establish lasting and sustainable peer interaction, friendships, and successful business transactions.
Lastly, as with great power comes great responsibility, one of the downsides of modern technology would be the complexities that could result from its use. Because of the nature of these technologies – being made for a faster exchange of text, music, pictures and etc, there are some studies that imply the poor construction and elaboration of messages that result to a lack of tangible or productive outcome (Thomas, M.). Also, instead of the technology being able to not only help deliver a message but at the same time initiate learning from the sender and recipient, discussion threads in these technology suggests that it rather inhibits it. With all these said, modern technology is in itself a good thing. However, one has to be well educated on their use and have the right digital and modern technology ethics to be able to maximize the benefits of the technology and being a part of this digital revolution.
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