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Investigations on the phone hacking scandal found April Casburn involved in selling confidential police case information on phone calls to the News of the World. The senior police officer April Casburn is the first person to be proved guilty in front of the jury leaking out…
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News Log
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Download file to see previous pages The misconduct occurred in the Metropolitan Police Services, where the information of the Crown’s case was leaked to the News of the world. The investigation by the Metropolitan police revealed that this hacking activity was not restricted to a single reporter, but has a wide network with several people being involved in it, who would be caught soon. Casburn, with an annual salary of £65000, was working as the Detective Inspector of terrorist activities in the Metropolitan Police Services, defended her act of hacking by saying that she wanted to bring the news in front as her departmental members were not serious about the case (Laville, 2013). Not being a very strong point, her defense was rejected by the jury committee. This conduct of hers has letdown the name of her police department and her colleagues have no soft corner for her. Eleveden and Tuleta, members of the operation panel said that Casburn has misused her position and in no ways deserves anything less than high penalty (Laville, 2013). They added that leaking or publicizing confidential information can be justified at some occasions, when the intention is to stop corruption. However, in Casburn’s case the intention was to make money and that cannot be justified in any case (BBC Radio, 2013).
Two bomb blasts occurring in the interval of about 10 minutes took the life of more than 92 citizens with over 147 been injured. Early in the morning there was another blast in the marker area of Quetta, Baluchistan which killed 11 people and more than 27 were injured. It was followed by a series of two blasts back to back in the evening, occurring in an interval of just 10 minutes, killing further 87 people and about 120 being injured badly, as reported by the police officers. These blasts took place in the snooker hall at Quetta, where the majority of the gathering were Shia Muslims (BBC , 2013).
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News Log Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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