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However, there are instances where the interpersonal relationships follow different paths, where they naturally do not pass through all the…
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Analysis of Interpersonal Relationship Development
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Analysis of Interpersonal Relationship Development Introduction Interpersonal relationship development is a process that occurs by passing through various stages, from its inception to termination. However, there are instances where the interpersonal relationships follow different paths, where they naturally do not pass through all the stages. Nevertheless, even under circumstances where a relationship does not follow the whole process, it is inevitable to have it pass through some essential stages such as pre-interaction and acquaintance stages.
Previously I had a romantic relationship which persisted for a while and then came to an end. The relationship went through the following stages:
Pre-interaction/awareness stage: The stage at which we met and sought to know each other, through first “forming an impression of each other, based on the outward look or perceived character”, and gaining interest in them (Beebe, Susan and Mark, 292)
Acquaintance: It was the next stage after the pre-interaction, where we “began to form a connection.” It entailed approaching my partner, passing greetings and enquiring basic information like names (292).
Exploration: This is the next stage we went through, where we started “disclosing self information and taking more interests in engaging each other, at a more personal level” (Beebe, Susan and Mark, 292).
Intensification: The stage that followed the exploration, which was marked by “openness and trusting each other and spending more time together” (Beebe, Susan and Mark, 292).
Intimacy: The state at which the relationship “blossomed to intimacy and communication became more personalized, where we talked about anything and everything.” It was marked by indulgence in intimate activities (Beebe, Susan and Mark, 293).
Turning point: The relationship then reached a casual turning point, which is “the event that moves the partners apart” (293), when I realized that my partner had lied to me about status, claiming to have been single, yet there already was a previous engagement.
Stagnation: The relationship entered this stage where the “intimate relationship was no longer going well, with each one of us finding fault in the other” (293).
De-intensification: The relationship entered the stage where “personal interaction decreased and physical and emotional distancing occurred” (294).
Individualization: This was followed by individualization, where each one started defining the relationship, this time no longer as a couple, but more individual.
Separation: Finally the relationship reached the separation stage where we made an “intentional decision to terminate any further personal interactions” (295).
The relationship started at the awareness stage where we noticed each other and formed an impression based on the physical outlook. This was followed by the acquaintance stage where we embarked on knowing each other more personally. Then followed the exploration stage, where we self-disclosed information to each other, and then jumped to the intensification and intimacy stages, both of which occurred simultaneously and the intimacy stage overshadowed the intensification stage through personalized communication and discussing anything and everything. The relationship then entered the stagnation stage, after realizing that my partner had lied to me, and eventually separation occurred, where the personal interaction was terminated completely.
Interpersonal relationships are formed through a process that entails different stages, where one stage leads to the other. However, some relationships do not follow all stages and occur by going through some stages while skipping others. The lesson learnt in this case is that; there are some key stages which defines interpersonal relationships and must be followed, while others can be skipped naturally.
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