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Interpersonal Paper - Essay Example

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The kind of relationship that exist between Ronnie and I is that of friends. I met Ronnie when I was doing my registration for the new semester seven months ago. We met at the registrar’s office where…
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Interpersonal Paper
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Download file to see previous pages We have been friends for seven months now. Ronnie is in his second year of study. He lives with his parents several blocks away from by place and after school we usually take a bus home together.
Currently the relationship between Ronnie and I is in the integration stage. The integration stage in a relationship is the fourth stage where those involved in the relationship start to get closer than before. Our friendship is at this stage because we are getting close as friends and getting to know each other better. We spent a lot of time together both at school and during our free times playing video games. There are several communication behaviors that indicate that our friendship with Ronnie is in the integration stage. An example is the fact that every time I am through with my classes and ready to board the bus home, I have to call Ronnie to inquire where he is so that we can go home together. The second communication behavior that indicates that the relationship is in the integration stage is the way Ronnie laughs at my jokes. I seem to find Ronnie’s joke interesting and he also seem to find my jokes interesting (Devito 7). We keep laughing every time we are together since Ronnie is the funny type. In some cases Ronnie sneaks into our lecture hall when the instructor has not yet arrived, hits me from the back and then escapes. This is something that he can two several times in a week and it shows that we are integrating and getting closer as friends.
My experience in this relationship can be best analyzed using the social penetration theory, uncertainty reduction theory and the interpersonal deception perspective. The uncertainty reduction theory has been chosen to demonstrate my experience during the initial stages of the friendship (Alder, Rosenfeld, and Proctor 23). The social penetration theory on the other hand will clearly help show how we have come closer with Ronnie in terms of what we share and what we keep away from each other over ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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