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Autism is caused by the neural disorder and always result into the impairment of communication in children associated with restricted social interaction. Autism results because the nerve communication in the brain is altered and the normal nerve cells operation is hindered. In…
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Fundraise to cure Autism
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Fund Raiser to Cure Autism I. Introduction Autism is caused by the neural disorder and always result into the impairment of communication in children associated with restricted social interaction. Autism results because the nerve communication in the brain is altered and the normal nerve cells operation is hindered. In this regard, the nerve synapse communication fail to connect and autism results. Most of the victims are recognized within three years after birth (Strain and Ilene, 16). Through research, it has been found that autism has a strong genetic base. This has made hypothetical statement to be released that it could be because of mutation. Some of the explanations for the occurrence of autism are explained by the presence of heavy metal in the environment and pesticides or the vaccines given at child hood. The later lacks scientific proof and do not hold any fact. The prevalence of autism is said to have assumed an upward trend and for every 1,000 births in the US, 11 are diagnosed with autism-courtesy of the Centre for Disease Control (Belli, 24).
II. Body
With reference to autism, most of the children who are diagnosed cannot be given proper management of the disease for recovery due to their parent inability to pay for the cost of the management. Autism is not given direct medication; it is a collection of psychosocial intervention to give remedies in this situation, which includes; occupational therapy, language and speech therapy, structured teaching, and social skills among other (Struat,2011). The specialist who can offer the management of the condition needs payment, which may not be forthcoming to most of the parent.
III. Transition
In a bid to show solidarity with the affected families, I call for a fundraising to help the families foot the bills for the medication purpose. I believe that through fundraising we are able to constitute a significant pool of resources that will enable us take care of the situation in helping our nation not to have generation that are not socially active. The fund raising is not stipulating any specific amount but will be a way of joining hands to realize a specific goals where individuals would have not made it. I therefore appeal the entire public to purpose contributing towards eradication of the condition amidst us. The two pictures displayed below shows the effect of the condition to a child who has not been given any attention in the management of the condition and one who has been attended to. This will help you understand the seriousness of the condition if left unattended (Randolph, 2012).
IV. Counter Argument
Issues involving fundraising has been characterized with embezzlement and misappropriation of the collected funds, at least that is the opinion that is we know about fund raised in this manner. It is therefore possible that most people will tend to be reserved in this fund drive but this is our assurance to you; We will ensure that the funds collected are used for the intended purpose and that the accountability and transparency is uphold to the letter. We therefore urge everybody to be part of this initiative to enjoy the sense of belonging in support of the less fortunate (WHPR, 2012).
V. Visualization
The picture above shows an autistic child unable to feed and shows unconsciousness.
The picture above shows a child who has been under the management of the condition and is able to identify fish in an aquarium, the child is able to recognize things once more. The situation is different with autistic children.
VI. Conclusion
With the realization of autism dangers, it is imperative that we avoid substances that are believed to be precursors to autism like heavy metals and pesticides. That is not withstanding, mothers should take the initiative to identify the condition of their children early, as this will allow for early response in management and medication thus taking care of the situation at most opportune time.
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