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Do vaccinations cause autism - Essay Example

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Autism refers to a mental condition whereby the person suffering from it would have difficulties in relationship building and social interactions with people around him.He would prefer living all by himself alone in a world of fantasy which overrides the ground realities for him…
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Do vaccinations cause autism
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Extract of sample "Do vaccinations cause autism"

Download file to see previous pages Autism refers to a mental condition whereby the person suffering from it would have difficulties in relationship building and social interactions with people around him.He would prefer living all by himself alone in a world of fantasy which overrides the ground realities for him. This is a neural disorder and shows symptoms from the very earliest days of a person’s life. People have linked this syndrome to be a cause of several factors including vaccinations received in childhood. Despite the fact that many researchers and psychologists have conducted thorough studies on this agenda and developed conclusion that this cause-effect relationship has no weightage to it, general public still continues to believe on the contrary. This paper entails a detailed discussion on history of such controversial beliefs. Later it provides the reasons that lead people to develop this mindset and the remedies that might help overcome this misconception. Finally the paper concludes at closing notes regarding this entire subject-matter. Birth of a flawed belief Despite the alarmingly positive effects of vaccination, the masses have had doubts about safety of vaccines over the past decades. This all began back in Britain after the publication of a study led by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 1998. This study linked symptoms of autism to the anti-measles vaccine, showing strong relationship between the two. However, subsequently his research was altogether proved to be erroneous and majority of the authors involved in this study withdrew their stances. But the vibes created by this study were already far too devastating, leading a major proportion of general public to fall for this disbelief throughout Britain. Soon out of superstition, people started pulling out their children from vaccination programmes, decreasing the vaccination rates by 19% generally while by 42% in certain parts of London. Consequently, England and Wales saw measles sweeping into their system again causing substantial number of people to suffer from it in 2006 and 2007, exceeding those in the entire previous decade. Further in 2008, the number of cases being reported rose by nearly 50%. In the 1930s, another breakthrough invention in field of vaccinations gave birth to Thimerosal which was added to vaccines to make them safer and less prone to causing bacterial infections. However, the presence of mercury elements in it has been the root cause of uprising amongst people who protest that thimerosal is a major catalyst in Autism and other neurological conditions that produce symptoms similar to those of mercury poisoning. Though, autism had always been depicted by humans in their behavior, its name was coined in 1943 while its definition still continues to evolve. Since then, there have been various pressure groups and popular activists including famous celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey and public person Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Prasad et al, 2009). Autism: a by-product of vaccinations In recent decades, autism has gained excessive attention, with drastic rise from less than one child in every 2,500 children in 1970 to one in every 150 suffering from it as of today. It is only natural for their parents to get anxious to find root cause behind such disorder. Out of desperation, they begin to doubt and question the logic and justifications for getting their children vaccinated in the first place: that is where it all begins. Recent generations, who have never known such diseases to have existed and have never witnesses the miseries that were once caused to human race by these viruses, tend to believe that vaccinations is just a step towards destructive artificial support system for life. They focus on apparent risks and damages that are claimed to have been caused by vaccination such as autism. People take for granted what they cannot see and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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