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The brand is highly popular because it offers not only fashionable and stylish products but also offers best protection and comfort to eyes…
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THE FASCINATION WITH RAY BAN SUNGLASSES RAY-BAN IS SUCH A POPULAR BRAND OF SUNGLASSES WORLDWIDE Ray-Ban being the most stylish sunglasses in the industry has always been making its product keeping in mind the latest trend and fashion. The brand is highly popular because it offers not only fashionable and stylish products but also offers best protection and comfort to eyes. Amongst all the products which Ray-Ban offers the most popular and widely known products of Ray-Ban are “The Aviator” and “The Wayfarer” (Why is Ray Ban so popular in Australia 2012). The popularity of the brand is due to its product Aviator which comes in different variants, various types of lenses and variety of colors. The only similarity they have is their same look in all Aviator sunglasses. The Wayfarer was also originally designed for pilots but gained more popularity amongst women. It is available in various colors like black, white, pink, red etc. Both Aviators and Wayfarers are made from various types of lenses amongst which the commonly used are polarized lenses which are beneficial for drivers (Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses: timeless fashion 2012).
Ray Ban is a popular brand in the current time because the brand products are made of highest quality material thus providing excellent vision. Ray-Ban sunglasses while providing protection and comfort to eyes also looks very fashionable and stylish. Apart from Aviator and Wayfarers Ray-Ban offers various collection of eyeglasses catering to different needs of customers of all age groups. All its products are designed keeping contemporary fashion trends in mind. Ray-Ban products may be expensive but are high quality glasses. They protect eyes against harsh UV rays, are long lasting and look trendy too. The products offer excellent transmission of light through anti-reflective lenses which provide protection from all harmful rays (Evans and Berman 2003).
The reason for popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses worldwide is the brand’s consistent efforts in updating the style while maintaining the retro appeal of their products. Ray-Ban understands the need of getting closer to their consumers which helps them know their needs thus designing the products accordingly. One more technical feature of Ray-Ban sunglasses which makes it popular worldwide is the use of polarized lenses in its products. Polarized lenses provide glare protection as well as precise and sharp vision. The sunglasses are made of carbon fiber which makes them durable, light weight, comfortable and flexible for whole day wear. Ray-Ban sunglasses are thus one of the most trendy and stylish products providing best eye protection (Evans and Berman 2003). From the above discussion it can be concluded that Ray-Ban sunglasses is a popular brand throughout the world providing the most stylish and trendy products. Its products are a combination of fashion, style and durability providing excellent vision and protection to eyes which makes it popular worldwide.
As per the views of several people worldwide, the products of the company are good enough and are durable and fashionable also. People also believe that they are also popular because they have a wide range of sunglasses and lenses (Why is Ray Ban so popular in Australia 2012).

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