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Effects of Modern-Day Fascination with Celebrities - Essay Example

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In the paper “Effects of Modern-Day Fascination with Celebrities” the author analyzes both positive and adverse influences of celebrities on the followers. The current society idolizes celebrities, it reflects on every move they make…
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Effects of Modern-Day Fascination with Celebrities
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Extract of sample "Effects of Modern-Day Fascination with Celebrities"

Download file to see previous pages To be more precise, celebrities make the society to throw away the cultural makeup. Hence, the community members put on a fake image that does not depict their own characters. Technology is the primary cause of these entire obsessions with celebrities. Teens glue themselves to the television; watching programs that makes them more interested in the lives of celebrities more than their own. Smartphones, on the other hand, provide updates about celebrities’ gossips every hour. Just to remember, the past week, everyone talk was all about the revealed story of Solange, Beyonce’s sister attacking Jay-Z while in an elevator (Sarah, 2014). Thus, the society read about it in the magazine, searched it on the internet, or heard it from friends. Most people obsession with celebrities can lead to cultural paradigm alterations. To some extent, the adjustments are real. A good example is of Michael Sam, the footballer who came out building the confidence of most of the young gay athletes. He advanced the advocacy for gay marriages and promoted free to talk about their sexuality. On its negative side, the culture of celebrities and fascination with status and wealth make the average and poor people feel unworthy of the world. As a result, the mind of the young people growing up to find a place in the world is corrupted with no option but to become rich even through violence. In fact, some researchers claimed the existence of a growing disorder known as “Celebrity Worship Syndrome.” The disease is however not inclusive of personality disorder (Inglis, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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