Why is the American public fascinated with celebrities, athletes, and/or media moguls - Essay Example

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Most of these people risk their lives in order to protect the rights and liberties of citizens. However, they are not as recognized or celebrated as…
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Why is the American public fascinated with celebrities, athletes, and/or media moguls
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Why Is The American Public Fascinated With Celebrities, Athletes, And/or Media Moguls? Celebrities, athletes and media moguls in U.S are paid more than firefighters, police officers, doctors and military personnel. Most of these people risk their lives in order to protect the rights and liberties of citizens. However, they are not as recognized or celebrated as the media moguls, athletes or celebrities. Most Americans follow the lives of their celebrities, and they have public opinions on their personal lives. American fascination with celebrities is associated with their earnings and social status. Additionally, American fascination with their celebrities can be associated to the fact that the media creates hype around the athletes and celebrities (Nunez 1). The fact that the American public is fascinated with celebrities is supported by the nature of modern news. Modern news is dominated by celebrity mishaps and scandals.
Previously, celebrities were not relevant to the American public. They were mainly a source of entertainment. People would hear from them or see them on platforms such as television and radios. The fascination of the American public with celebrities, athletes and media moguls can be associated to the tendency of humans to idolize people who seem large than the public. These “larger than life” people are looked up to for inspiration (Nunez 1). Americans use the fascination with celebrities, media moguls and athletes as effective communication strategies. Americans who are updated on celebrity news use the information as conversation starters. This social gossiping has been implemented as a means for supporting social bonding.
Americans are fascinated with celebrities because they use them as sources of inspirations. Most of the celebrities were not born in rich families. They had to work hard to achieve financial and personal success. The glamorous lives of celebrities and their lifestyle is something that most Americans dream of, and pursue. They perceive these lifestyles as the ideal American dream (Nunez 1). Popular television programs such as American Idol have continually churned out overnight celebrity. This inspires Americans to pursue the seemingly attainable and reachable star status. American youths are attracted to the allure of celebrity lifestyle.
Social media and internet platforms have led to the availability of information about celebrities, media moguls and athletes. This has exponentially increased social networks. Additionally, it has created platforms that enable people to follow celebrities. Social media and the internet have given Americans an opportunity to immerse themselves into the lives of celebrities. In addition, celebrities use Face book and Twitter to market themselves to their audiences. These platforms are used to keep fans informed about their celebrity’s personal projects and work engagements. Social media fuels the obsession with the lives of celebrities (Nunez 1). In the U.S, media coverage on athletes, media moguls and celebrities overshadows coverage of important events. The growing fascination with celebrities is facilitated by the media through the dominance of celebrity news in media outlets.
The fascination of the American public with celebrities, athletes and media moguls can be associated to the focus of media on the lives of these people. In addition, it can be associated with the marketing strategies used by these people. The American public looks up to these people for inspiration and motivation. Most of the celebrities were not born as celebrities, or in rich and famous families. They worked hard for their social status. This gives the public hope that they can achieve the celebrity status through hard work. Celebrities use platforms such as social media to market themselves and keep their fans updated.
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