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Usually, people in the workplace come from different countries. The paper "Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture" discusses the differences between American culture and Chinese culture and gives information about professional ways to give gifts workplace in China and in America…
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Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture
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Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture
Good afternoon everyone, my name is WendyamGaelleKoanda, a senior student at GSU.
A. Usually people in the workplace come from different countries and have different cultures.For instance, American culture is very different from Chinese culture.

B. Focusing on China and America, Chinese culture is one of the most complex and oldest in the world, and we are in the United States.

C. When it comes to gift giving in the workplace in China and in America people should take in consideration when and what to give and receive.
Transition: This afternoon, I am going to inform you about the proper and professional ways to give gifts workplace in China and in America.
A. There are many things that you should know before giving a gift to a Chinese person.

1. Unacceptable gifts in the Chinese culture
a. Clocks: Do not give a clock to a Chinese person because it is associated with death. It means that it will soon be time for you to die.
b. Book: Do not give a book to a Chinese person because giving a book means that you are delivering a defeat.
c. Umbrella: Do not give an umbrella as a gift to a Chinese person because giving it means that the family of the gift receiver is going to break up
d. Fans: Avoid giving a fan. US China business solution Website states that a Chinese bride give fans to her parents, which symbolizes that she is leaving them for her husband. Therefore a fan symbolizes separation.

2. Acceptable gifts in the Chinese culture.
a. Cognac
b. Fine whiskey
c. Quality wines
d. Giving banquet is the most respectable gift in the Chinese workplace environment.
Transition:Giving gifts in China could be a sensitive issue.

1. When to give in China?
When you are giving a gift in China it is better to do it privately or to everyone at one time.
2. Things you should know before giving a gift.
a. Colors
Red and pink means respectively good luck, wealth, happiness while white and green means death, funerals.
b. Manners
Present your gift with two arms and the receiver will do the same.

Transition:Now that we have discussed about the gift giving in the Chinese culture, let compare it to the American culture which is less complex.
B. Appropriateness and timing are very important while giving a gift in the American workplace environment.
1. Timing
Gifts should never be giving in the following situation:
a. During the process of bidding
b. Waiting period for contract renewal
c. During negotiation.
Gifts could be given in the following situation:
a. Special occasions (Christmas, birth of a child, death in a family).
b. Recognizing an employee
c. As a token of gratitude.
2. Unacceptable and acceptable gifts in the American workplace environment;
a. cash, jewelry and expensive gifts are unacceptable .
b.bottle of wine, gift card of small value, pen, basket of fruit or cheese.

Transition:The points I mentioned earlier cover the proper and professional ways to give and receive gifts in the Chinese and American workplace culture. Let me review them for you.

In short, because culture is very complicated, you should be aware of the types of things that can be given as a gift .Remember that Chinese’s best colors are red and pink and never forget to give a gift to a Chinese with two arms. Also you should never forget to choose the object that you are going to give as a gift to Chinese or to an American and make sure you are going to give it at the appropriate time.

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