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Giving was traditionally used to attract mates. In todays world, gift giving is usually done during various occasions such as during baby shower, Christmas, weddings, Valentines Day, birthdays, and various other…
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Assignment paper
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Download file to see previous pages In this essay, my main focus will be on the critical analysis of my cultural gift giving practices in the U.S and the gift giving practices in the Chinese culture.
The U.S gifting season is also the traditional holiday season. This season begins during the Thanksgiving, moving to the Christmas and ends with the New Year Eve. The St. Valentines Day has also been included in this season by the modern media (Gifts and Ideas 1-3). The act of giving gifts to family members, friends and business associates is dictated by the American customs and culture. These are covered by well thought out gifts depending on the occasion. Due to the cultural melting of the American culture, there has been a lot of influence on the other minority ethnic groups in America such as the Hispanics, to also adopt and incorporate the modern American cultural elements of gifting and celebrations within their own cultural celebrations.
Various gifts are given by the Americans as gifts to other during various occasions. The most common gifts given out include cards, flowers, food items, gift baskets, chocolates, cakes, wines, spa gifts and perfumes among other. The main reason for giving out these gifts is for appreciation purposes. Gift giving is also a common practice in the American culture during the Christmas period that usually marks the birth of Jesus. During this period, gift giving usually crowns the occasion, and it becomes the most important ritual performed. To begin with, there is the gift giving session done by the parents to their children where the latest gadgets are usually given out to them. Other people also buy different kinds of gifts such as CDs, jewelry, books and gourmet food among other gifts to their relatives, parents and lived ones.
Another occasion in America during when gift giving is done much is during the mothers day that usually falls on the second Sunday of May, each year. According to the American culture, mothers should be given ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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