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Critical analysis of a rhetorical message, which is, A Raisen Bran cereal box - Essay Example

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The “Raisin bran Cereal Box” is a 20-ounce box meant to carry three packs of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal, which is a cereal made of wheat bran, whole grain wheat and various natural raisins. The box packaging conveys a rhetorical message, “Two Scoops – Excellent…
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Critical analysis of a rhetorical message, which is, A Raisen Bran cereal box
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Download file to see previous pages Raisin Bran Cereal is a popular cereal mostly for middle class and upper class households in the United States. This article analyzes the relationship between the features of the box and the popularity of the cereal in middle class and upper class households, in the United States.
The sun-like graphic on the box imply that the Raisin bran cereal is a morning cereal that gives a person energy to start a bright new day. The purple color dominant on the box associates the serial with royalty. In that, one feels royal and wears confidence throughout the day after having Raisin Bran Cereals for breakfast.
A Raisin Bran Cereal box has a sun like graphic, which signifies that when one takes the cereal as a morning meal, it gives one the energy to start a new day. The purple color, which is so dominant the box, brings out royalty. Hence, it shows that one will wear the feeling of loyalty after taking the cereal hence giving one confidence to face a new day.
The Raisin Bran Cereal boxes, according to my visits to different stores, are attractively displayed on the shelves. The stickers on the shelves are put in a manner that one cannot pass without noticing the cereals. The cereals also have different offers and gifts attached on them hence making it have a considerable sale.
The Kellogg’s company is well known for its nutritious products, which are juice, the cereals, toaster pastries etc. Apart from that, the company has contradicted itself by diverting from its nutritious popularity, by also producing non-healthy fruit flavored snacks, which have chemicals in the name of fruit flavors. This has made the company has a tainted image.
The colorful Raisin Bran has been strategically made to catch the eye of the customer. It has an image of a happy face (a happy sun) to brighten it up more. It also shows how the cereals in the box look like (Biddle 59). The sides of the box also instruct one on how to mix the cereal, what to mix it with and make it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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