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It is quite a natural thing especially when one cannot express the self directly as there could be fear of prejudice and labeling as something which…
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Talking Styles
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MATCHING WRITING STYLES AND INTERPERSONAL INTERACTIONS People often divulge themselves in either artistic crafts or written masterpieces as a form of expressing what they are feeling. It is quite a natural thing especially when one cannot express the self directly as there could be fear of prejudice and labeling as something which will last forever. As technology advances, there have been language sites that offer matching writing styles and skills of different authors and literary works. However, are these sites offering accurate matching for numerous authors and written works? Can these websites be a step of knowing a person’s interpersonal skill just by the way they write?

A person can be whoever one can be in written form. One can be as strong as Superman or even as glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor. What is written though at times are not the same with regards to the real world. With the latter stated, the Language Style Matching website would not be as accurate as one would want it to be. Comparing two different written materials on the website would be as accurate as how the site was programmed to be. There are guidelines that the program follows so that there can be a sort of comparison. However, there are still loopholes in websites like these as there are not much literary works and writing styles are stored in its program as basis on how related written materials are.
According to Bower (2010), "Language-style matching diminished as each relationship soured. Notable declines occurred when Jung left Freuds psychoanalytic group, when Elizabeth Barrett welcomed deaths approach while her husband dreaded it and when Plath and Hughes marriage fell apart." In this passage, even the writer himself is aware that there would be differences which will come out between writers and their works as time passes by. There is no definite guarantee that writing styles would stay as it was from one article to another.
Interpersonal relationships rely on how people would interact as a whole and not just by a persons writing style. There are those types of person who would be very aggressive when they write yet very timid when it comes to spoken interactions. Some of them on the other hand would be really aggressive on their physical interaction yet would find it difficult to express their feelings and thoughts through written words. Language style matching could play a helpful act in preparing people in expressing their thoughts and emotions. This is just a step to start a form of interaction between people. One way of breaking the ice as people would say.
An author can be as anonymous as they can be when they write their literary works. Each writer has their own unique style in expressing their thoughts and emotions. There can be similarities in one way or another however these similarities can only be for their writing skills and not their interpersonal communication skills. Every person is made unique and even if there can be similarities in writing skills. Writing skills can be acquired from the academic world or be passed on by teachers to their protégés.
Personal interactions on the other hand are unique from one person to the other. There might be similarities but it is not something learned or taught. Julia Wood (2012) quoted Rhodes that, “A 2010 national survey of employers reported that 89percent of employers consider that college students should focus on learning to communicate effectively orally and in writing in order to be successful professionally (Rhodes, 2010).” If one will pertain to the previous quotation, a person needs to excel on both written and oral communication to achieve success either in the social or professional aspects of life. There is still that boundary that writing gives to authors to their readers.
The literary world is often used by people who want and need to express something which they have difficulty to express orally. Therefore concluding that writing styles cannot be used as a gauge towards interpersonal communication as there are still boundaries that the literary world offers writers in exploring beyond boundaries of one’s physical capabilities.
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