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The author analyzes the article “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance” which sheds light on the particular kind of relationship that exists between interpersonal relationships and styles of conversing and gives his opinion about its content…
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Analysis of Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance Article
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance Article"

Article Critique: Talking Styles
The article “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance” sheds light on the peculiar kind of relationship that exists between interpersonal relationships and styles of conversing. I think the article offers an appealing understanding of the field of commonality that determines good relationships. Couples who are totally versant with each other do so unknowingly while using their partner’s style of talking as a crucial determinant (Bower, 2010). Before reading the article, I held the idea that it is ordinary for two individuals to be attracted to each other simply because of sharing a common language style.
Although the article cites extensive research works, I am still skeptical of the immensity of the impact of people’s style of talking on their compatibility with other people. I learned from the article of the minor impact of language style of temporary compatibility between two adults (Bower, 2010). However, I am not fully on board with the idea that this impact can remain influential in both individual’s lives for extended periods. I am uncertain of this deduction by the article because I have friends from different backgrounds with different styles of language and yet get along quite well. I think the article requires more study findings to support the existing ones and the author’s ideas.
I visited the LSM (Language Matching Style) website and took a test using overall written samples with my neighbor who is aged 22 years. I scored 0.91, which the website ranked as slightly above average. Overall, my LSM score was high in constant observations like face-to-face interactions and cellphone calls. Conversely, by LSM score on dialogue interactions were low for communications that were not bit-sized messaging and emails. My LSM score was also high when my frame of mind and topic of conversation were at par. other reasons for my low LSM scores were my usage of extremely few words, varying writing genres, syntax mistakes, and numerous shortcuts.
I do not think the LSM scores are accurate because they are the results of computed written communication. I think written communication offers an explicit and sure series of data for analyzing dialogues. Nonetheless, its inflexibility may obstruct data that might offer a wider insight of the words I used. On the other hand, oral communication is more difficult to compute precisely using LSM since words do not just affect a face-to-face interaction, but the tenor used as well. Limitations like the number of words during the test or various genres of writing might additionally lead to an inaccurate computation of my communication and language style (Gasparov, 2010).
In conclusion, I do not believe LSM is a comprehensive way of predicting the quality of interpersonal relationships. Concentrating on word choice and associating it with my neighbor’s word choice too is inclusive since word choice is not the single factor. Different people interact differently and grasp each other’s words and ideas at different paces and in differing ways. Most individuals associate more among each other by employing body language and behavioral ways to communicate. The LSM is ineffective at analyzing such determinants, thereby making it a les comprehensive method for predicting the quality of interpersonal relationships.
Bower, B. (2010). Shared talking styles herald new and lasting romance. Science News. Retrieved from styles-herald-new-and-lasting-romance
Gasparov, B. (2010). Speech, Memory, and Meaning: Intertextuality in Everyday Language. New York, NY: Walter de Gruyter. Read More
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