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The reportage leans on the journalese of online consumption whereby readers do not have enough time to delve much into the details.
For instance, while this…
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Analyzing Criteria on Online Reporting
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Online Reporting Task: Online Reporting There are various writing techniques used on various websites narrating Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case (Craig, 2010). The reportage leans on the journalese of online consumption whereby readers do not have enough time to delve much into the details.
For instance, while this website ( incorporates the use of graphic scenes of how Sandusky used touch and rub the genitals of the minors in an effort to excite his sexual egos (Reuters. (2012). Additionally, the brilliant use of timelines to highlight the events digs into the analysis of the case whereby a reader grasps issues fast without much trouble.
On the other hand, the website ( has employed the art of short sentences that nail the case to the bone (Maher, 2012). In other words, website information is easy and quick for understanding than other media forms in information dissemination. Furthermore, the avoidance of what people said in unlike in the latter website is an indication of a narrative writing technique that appeals to a mass readership. On that note, if compared to print media, there are some differences. For instance, the reportage of the sex abuse case in local papers delved into the smaller details of the case that did not feature in the online articles in the aforementioned websites.
In conclusion, this means that information included in the websites are not always comprehensive as compared to print media (Craig, 2010). Alternatively, I think websites enhance a story with its visual information such as the websites described above. Additionally, the hyperlinks they provide give an element of human touch because of its visual presentation.
Craig, D. (2010). Excellence in Online Journalism: Exploring Current Practices in an Evolving Environment. New York, NY: SAGE.
Maher, K. (2012, June 23). Sandusky Found Guilty in Abuse Case. The Wall Street Journal.
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Reuters. (2012, June 23). Timeline: Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case. Yahoo News.
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Analyzing Criteria on Online Reporting Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Analyzing Criteria on Online Reporting Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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